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If you’ve got pain in your neck, back, shoulders, knees, and if you’ve got pain within the heel and you can’t get obviate it, you’ll place the foil on your painful space. once your time, your pain can disappear.

The energy that flows in our organisms within the biological active purpose is coming on the meridian, wherever they are available from.

That is nice for the organ that contains a malady, with whom this meridian is connected. This way, you’ll take away the issues and pains simple. This fascinating manner of healing is practiced from the Russian and Chinese healers and is delineated within the works of Wilhelm Reich, a student of Freud.

You should take foil and place it on your painful space and fix it with a bandage.

With this methodology, you’ll cure pain in your neck, back, legs, arms, joints, heels, and arthritis. On this manner, you’ll take away the surgical scars. you’ll accomplish nice leads to the treatment of urarthritis. Wrap your finger with foil and fix it with a bandage.

The Chinese healers suggest you ought to try this treatment within the course of ten to twelve days. each day you ought to place foil on your painful space and you ought to keep it each day and night. After that, you ought to create an interruption of one to a pair of weeks and repeat the method if required.

The foil has anti-inflammation properties and you’ll cure a chilly with its facilitate.

You should wrap your feet with the foil in five to seven layers, and between each coat place to paper or cotton. Keep it like that concerning one hour.

Then take away it and place it once more once a pair of hours, for one hour. Then, create an interruption and place it for the third time. The treatment ought to take one week.

How this treatment works on those diseases, the opinions area unit completely different. somebody explains that with bioenergy, some with science, and therefore the Russian human A.V. Skvortsov explains that the special energy-structuring resources area unit used throughout the healing, like merchandise of foil.

The organism has special stem cells that perpetually act with the energy field of the world. This energy field is distorted due to completely different reasons and disrupts the energy offer to the stem cells.

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