He Put A Rose Into A Potato And Planted It That Way. 7 Days Later He Didn’t Believe What He Saw! (VIDEO)

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If you like flowers such as roses, this amazing trick can help you grow them successfully from a rose stem. With this amazing method your garden will be filled with roses all summer long.

All you need:

  • a cut down rose
  • a potato
  • a plastic bottle
  • soil
  • a flowerpotWhat you should do:Remove all the leaves from the stem then cut it at an angle of 45 degrees.

    With the stem, make a hole in the potato and then shove it in. The stem should well fixed and not move.

    The next thing is to fill 2/3 of the pot with soil. When you do this put the potatoes in.

    The rest of the pot should be filled with soil and to surround the rose.

    Finally, an important part is to cover the rose with plastic bottle in order to get  a greenhouse effect.

    The first sign of your rose growing will be noticeable in one week.

    If you do this right your garden will be filled with beautiful roses.

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