5 foods you should avoid after age 30

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If you keep eating these foods, your 40 year old self will look like its 50. Some of these foods have been found to increase wrinkles, induce obesity, shut down organ functions, and make you sick. Take look and start cleaning out your kitchen of these foods today.

Here are 5 foods you should avoid after age 30:

  1. Low alcohol drinks.

With age, the body generally ceases to absorb alcohol. If you can drink beer in 21, dance until midnight, and look good in the morning, then it will not turn out at 30 already. In addition to the morning hangover, alcohol “sucks” all the moisture out of the body, which is bad for the elasticity of the skin.

  1. Sausages.

The preservatives, flavor enhancers and stabilizers contained in them provoke the development of stomach cancer and other diseases. It should be excluded from your daily meal.

  1. Cookies with stuffing.

Many like to have breakfast with them. Fast, tasty and satisfying. But these biscuits contain a huge risk of cardiovascular disease. Both the biscuit itself and its filling include a large amount of sugar.

  1. Yoghurt with flavorings.

Yoghurts with various flavors contain much more sugar than even chocolate does. To have a healthy complexion and not to provoke the appearance of wrinkles, discard it.

  1. Tinned vegetables.

In canned vegetables are contained a lot of salt, which promotes premature aging of the skin. It also has a negative effect on normal blood pressure. It is especially dangerous to consume canned foods in tin cans, which may include chemicals that cause cancer, infertility and obesity.

There are some butter substitutes that are advertising non-trans fat products. But that’s not all, studies have also found that eating margarine can cause chronic inflammation, which may also accelerate wrinkle formation. Still to the real thing–just don’t eat a lot of it.

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