This Is What Your Sleeping Position Reveals For You

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Your body language is defined by your subconscious state of mind which expose the real you. You cannot fake yourself when you are sleeping or present in your unconscious state.

Your sleeping position can reveal a lot about your personality. Here is what your position says about you.

Fetal position;

One of the most common positions in which most people sleep in is the fetal position which is similar to the baby present in a mother’s womb. This position reveals the insecurities of an individual and represents its loneliness, the desire to have someone special in their life.

Log/side position;

In this position, your arms and legs are more stretched and this represents that you are a stable, analytical and reliable person. And it also reveals that you are very social and trustworthy person.

Stomach sleepers;

People who sleep on their stomach are also known as free-fallers. They are people who are bold, anxious and want to take in-charge of something. Their sleeping position reveals that they are goal-oriented and focused in their life and are ready to face any criticism.

Back position;

People who prefer the back position, also known as a soldier position, are ones who sleep flat on their back with their arms near their body. This position reveals that these people speak less and perform more, and are typically reserved and confident having high “psychological power”.

Starfish position.

People who lie on their back with arms raised up near their head prefer the starfish position which indicates that they possess excellent listening abilities and are helpful.


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