He’s Madly In Love With You If He Does This !

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Are you not so sure that your partner is in love with you as much as you are? Are you afraid to just let it be and go with the flow this time, trusting yourself and him as well?

Here are the things that absolutely tell your partner has no intention of going away from you, because he’s deeply and madly in love with you.

Leaves the phone unattended

Seems like all our personal lives and secrets are trapped into the phones, those beeping boxes full with unwanted people on social media, protected with dozens of passwords. However, if your partner feels secured opening up messages while in your presence, showing it to you, or, you know their passwords – you shouldn’t worry about secrets. He’s all in with you.

Food sharing

This habit is a vulture of a strong and deep connection. Why? Because food and hunger are one of our basic instincts and also, because many people are grossed out when others touch the food from their plate or drink from their glass. Sharing food means that your partner “likes and accepts your germs” and he would share even the last piece of food with you, besides his hunger.


With the social networks, it seems you’re constantly wired with your partner. Always texting, sharing memes and interesting things you found online. However, sharing a voicemail, with actual words, voice and expressing feelings has a much deeper meaning in the world of non-stop online connectivity.

Change of habits

If you’re a mature person and date another mature person, you probably understand the difficulty of changing your habits and lifestyle. However, if you see that he’s going to bed later, just to give his attention to you, though he feels exhausted, and other similar things, you know that the two of you are on the right path.

In your dullest moments of life, he’s supporting you

He’s going out with you for shopping? Putting up with your try-outs? Discussing your favorite show on TV? She’s going to watch football or boxing matches with you? They’re here to stay.

Discussion instead of awkward silence

When you just had an argue, your partner doesn’t just stand there sitting and watching you, waiting for you to say something first. A really caring person who wants to save the relationship will always choose to discuss and be honest, even if it means they would have to start “smoothening up” the process first. Not talking about something and “sweeping it under the carpet” can be a huge problem in the future.

They’re proud to be with you

You are on their social profiles, they put pictures with you, their closest circle of relatives and friends know you. You’re on a very serious relationship and your partner only wants to build up the path towards more beautiful things and future life together.

They’re here when you need them the most

You’ve probably had that awful experience when you are sick, you feel down, you have personal problems or problems at work, and need someone to be there for you. And it turns out your partner has other plans, instead of being there with you, no matter what the deal is. Never put up with something like this. But if he’s here to make you a nice warm soup to chase the flu away, lend you some money to cope through the month, or just listen to your wining – he’s a keeper.

Touching and biting

This is not just a sexual intention. Science has proven that “if your partner always strives for kisses, touches, snuggling, caressing, and even biting, it’s definitely a sign of a warm-hearted and deep relationship.

The desire to nibble on someone you love is explained by a certain connection in our brain between perceiving something is cute and looking for food”.

Your advice means a lot to them

If your partner asks for an advice and actually values it and applies it in the needed situation, that means your partner has a really high opinion for you and respects you a lot. A strong relationship isn’t build just on love and passion, but on respect and other values as well.

Share a personal story – what was your biggest break-up nightmare? How did you figure out that you have a strong bond with your partner?

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