10 Signs You Are Great In Bed

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Let’s face it, it can be hard to tell if you are great in bed. It is unlikely that your partner will come right out and say you suck in bed. It’s just as doubtful after having a one night stand that your partner will let you know that you are lacking here or there and you need to work on your technique. So, how do you know if you are great in bed or not? These signs are some of the ways to know that you are great in bed!

1. Communication

Studies show that partners that communicate about sex both in the bed and out have better sex than couples that don’t talk about sex. It just means that if both of you are open about sex then you will get suggestions, feedback, and direction, which will make you great in bed!

2. Confidence

Confidence is always sexy no matter if you are a man or a woman. If you doubt yourself and go into sex with a bad attitude then you will not be great in bed. It’s all about having confidence in your abilities and not second-guessing how sexy you are!

3. You Are Willing To Try New Things In The Bedroom

A known fact about sex is that no sex life can sustain for years with the same positions over and over again, so if you are willing to try new things, even if they seem weird to you, your partner will appreciate it. So, try new positions or introduce new toys and you will be great in bed!

4. You Give As Much As You Take

Just like a relationship, sex is give and take. If you are giving as much as you are taking, then you’re creating an equal sexual relationship as well. If you want your partner to give 100% but you only give 50% then your not going to be great in bed!

5. You Are Alright With Having Sex With The Lights On

Having sex with the lights on will most definitely make you great in bed! Men are visual creatures and love to watch everything as it goes down in the bedroom. If you need to be great in bed, keep the lights on because it is a huge turn on for most men!

6. You Stay In The Moment

When you are having sex, think about only having sex. If you are worried about the hundred other things you have going on in your life, then your partner will feel it. Have both your body and head into sex!

7. You Listen To Your Partner

Whether your partner tells you verbally or their body language is telling you something is off, then listen to your partner to make sex hot! It is the only way to know if you should slow down, speed up, or change positions.

8. You Don’t Have Any Phobias

If you are grossed out by smells and noises that happen occasionally during sex, then letting these phobias go can help you and your partner have a better time. Things happen and if you let these incidents go it will ensure you are great in bed!

9. You Are Extremely Vocal

There are studies that prove being more vocal during sex improves pleasure for not just women but for men also. Women respond well to their partner’s noises of pleasure, which makes women even more vocal. So moan during sex.

10. You Have Sex To Have Fun

Many women have sex because they feel an obligation to keep their man happy. Neither a woman or a man should have sex out of some sense of obligation nobody should. Have sex to have fun with your partner, not just because you feel like you have to. Enjoy sex and being intimate with your partner, which will help your bond grow stronger.

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