Scientists Have Just Told Women To STOP Wearing Bras. This Is Why (Video)

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Scientists Have Just Told Women To STOP Wearing Bras

The women’s international no bra day is 13th October but according to recent medical researches and studies, doctors claim that every day should be a day without a bra since bras can cause very serious problems to women. Starting from breast sagging, pain in the back or saggy tissue to problems in breastfeeding, women are exposed to different problems every day by wearing bras.

Not wearing a bra is more comfortable and at the same time makes the breasts stronger and toned. Lots of doctors and medical experts urge that breasts can be damaged and their development could be improper if they wear a bra every day all the time. Since the bras are made to tight and support the breasts they interrupt the normal production of collagen and reduce the breasts’ elasticity.

Recent studies showed that women nipples also have better growth and normal development when young girls do not wear bras. Young girls can use bra specially designed only for proper breast development and that is it, after it they need to force their tissue to support and grow by its own. If women need to wear something then they should wear sports bras but when they arrive home they have to put it down.

You could have heard about the campaign called#freethenipple, that is made and conducted by women that believe bras can change the whole breast development and they are promoting not wearing bras and breastfeeding in public places.

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